Projects & Development

zvn site High performance modular framework used to build web applications, granting full control over the project and access to PHP base code & resources with no conflicts. Developers choose the best method to use based on project requirements and the framework's modular structure allows maximum efficiency and optimisation.
Built using: More details soon
zvn cross Cross-platform framework that allows desktop application development using web technologies and application sharing running in one host. It supports any back-end programming language that can run on the host machine along with all the functionality and resources provided by Java, executed using Javascript interface on-demand.
Built using: More details soon
zvn frame Javascript library used for a web design paradigm based on content scaling: all the content on a website is scaled and keeps the same proportion on screens with different resolution. The developer/designer achieves great flexibility and efficiency since any kind of element positioning or measurement is allowed with the same results.
Built using: More details soon
zvn grid Framework used to load data straight from a database to a customisable and extensible grid with user interface, allowing the development of Javascript applications for data handling both on back and front-end and full grid interaction.
Built using: More details soon
zvn type Web-based application with a WYSIWYG system that allows the designer/programmer make HTML/CSS based designs and export them to base code. It grants full support to any ZevenSource front-end Javascript project and supports external libraries.
Built using: More details soon
zvn process C# library for Windows operating system that provides the programmer of process / service handling via events. It uses a customisable and efficient triggers system that can handle any process or service running on the local machine, notifying when the process / event raises any inherited event.
Built using: More details soon


Manuel Martínez Software Engineer / Web Developer email-icon

Passionate about science and technology. Started programming at the age of 12 in a self-taught way. Incorporated into the world of work at the age of 16, always following the same branch. Strong Object-Oriented Programming notions with a low learning curve for any new technology.
Person in search of professional and personal improvement. Good co-worker.

Mainly interested in sports, films, travelling and music. Multi-instrumentalist musician passionate about everything related to music. With an extensive knowledge about sound engineering in production and live performances. Taking advantage of computers and programming skills, I’m also a developer for audiovisual projects: DAWs integration, plugins development, light shows and general automation.

+10 yearsAs a programmer
+20 projectsAs a freelance
+15 clientsAs a freelance